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Mr. Christian Johnsen


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Pg. 85    #'s 3a & 4 a,b & c

Pg. 95    #'s 1a, 2 a & b, 3 a, b, & c

Pg. 110  #19

Pg. 122  #'s 1a, b, & c, 2 a, b, & c

Pg. 127  #1 a, b, c, & d

Pg. 136  #'s 1a, b, & c, 2a, b, & c

Pg. 144 #'s 18 & 19


Bring materials to build a DNA model on Monday!


The directions say use basic household items, which can be basically anything (there have been students who have used wooden pieces, thread spools, beads, etc.) but you can bring things like:

-pipe cleaners

-colored beads




Remember, there are seven basic parts of DNA, so you should probably bring 7 colors/materials of things.


Due: Next Tuesday the 25th.


Warm Up Questions

Unit 4 - Energy and Earth's Systems

1/9 Using your observations and your prior knowledge explain how lanterns go up into the sky.


1/17Danielle says she got a "way, way better score" on the test than Jared and Alexi. Her evidence is this graph:

Do you agree? Why or why not?




2/1 - Complete the 3rd question on page 2 of your booklet (Living in San Francisco........).

         ***do not copy this in your science notebook


2/23 - Use Chapter 6 in your textbook to define "chemical change" and "physical change."


3/10 - It has now been a week since the radish seeds have been given water and sunlight, and they've sprouted! Predict whether the mass has changed for the test tube and explain your prediction.


3/13 - If you place an ice cube in a plastic bag and take its mass as 10 g, will the mass after the ice melts be greater than, less than, or equal to 10 g?


Unit 3 - Cells

10/17 - What kinds of differences did you see on Friday between the plant cells and animal cells you looked at under the microscope?


10/19 - Explain this statement: Cells are the basic units of structure and function in organisms.


10/20 - What would happen to San Francisco if the power stations stopped working? What would happen to a cell if all of its mitochondria stopped working?


10/26 - During photosynthesis, what goes into a plant and what comes out?


11/3When you get an injury like a paper cut, how does your body repair itself?


11/10 - How is DNA connected to traits or the way that you look?


12/2 - Is the following photo proof that polar bear populations are in danger?

12/9 - In fruit flies, the allele for red eyes (R) is dominant and the allele for white eyes (r) is recessive. If a red-eyed fly and white-eyed fly have only red-eyed babies, what is most likely to be the genotype of the red-eyed parent: RR, Rr, or rr?




Unit 2 - Light, Color, Electromagnetic Spectrum

9/19 - What causes waves?


9/20 - What are the properties of waves? Make a list and define them.


9/21 - How is frequency related the amount of energy in a wave?


9/23 - Does the moon reflect light? What is the moon made of?


9/27 - What color of light is reflected by a red tomato? Green grass? A black panther?



Unit 1 - Science Skills

8/17 - Turn to page 13 in the textbook and complete the 'Standards Warm Up' activity. Make your own observation and Inference, then share your thoughts with the table group.


8/19 - Describe in detail the bathroom and drink procedures for science class.


8/22 - For the photo below, make a qualitative and quantitative observation. Then make an inference.


8/23 - What are the variables in the experiment below?

           Manipulated -

           Control -

           Responding - 


8/24 - Use the data table below to make an appropriate graph. Graph the averages.

876612 orig.jpg
8/25 - Write a hypothesis for the experiment below.


If __________________, then _________________.

I think this because__________________________.



9/1 - Write a scientific question for the procedure below.

baby 021.JPG
9/7 - What are the similarities and differences between an inference and a hypothesis?


9/8 - Write the procedure for an experiment using the following question:


How does walking up a flight of stairs affect your heart rate?


9/15 - How do people use examples from nature to design technology?

(Example: Velcro was inspired by burrs (seeds) from plants that stick to animals in order the spread the seed)

9/16 - (Just answer this Warm Up, Do Not Copy)

Scientist Jared is testing some brands of batteries to see which one lasts longer. He uses AAA Energizer batteries for a flashlight, and AAA Duracell batteries in a digital camera. He leaves them both on for 24 hours, then measures how much charge each battery has left. Scientist Jared concludes that Energizer batteries last longer, because they have more charge left. Do you agree with him? Why or why not? Is there anything you would change about this experiment?



Table of Contents


Date Assignment Page #
1/5 -  Warm Ups 1 - 3
1/5 Food Coloring Lab 4
1/6 Density/air pressure demos 5
1/9 Particle Lab Stations 6
1/10 Particle Simulation 7
1/11 Evidence of Change 8
1/19 Geology Rocks! 9
1/23 Weathering 10
1/24 Erosion 11
1/30 Mini-Science Fair 12 - 13
2/9 Peer Study Group 14 - 15
2/14 Unit Reflection 16
 2/15        Observing Properties of Matter                  17 - 18         
2/16 Bill Nye - Chemical Reactions 19
2/17 Observing Chemical Reactions 20 - 21
 2/23       Chemical vs Physical Change                    22               
2/27 Mystery Substance Lab 23
3/3 Bill Nye: Atoms 24
3/9 Element Presentations 25




Date Assignment Page #
10/17 -  Warm Ups 1 - 3
10/17 Comparing Cells to Cities 4
10/18 Cell City Brochure Rough Draft 5
10/26 Photosynthesis Virtual Lab 6
10/27 Stomata Printing - Microscope Investigation 7
10/28 From Light to Life - KWL Chart 8

11/7 &


Garden Lesson - Water Systems and Catchment 9 - 10
11/10  A Recipe For Traits 11 - 12
11/16 Baby Mice 13
11/17 An Inventory of My Traits 14 - 15
11/21 DNA Model 16
11/29 Cells Review 17 - 19
12/2                Science Critical Thinking Question #1 - Polar Bear Populations                            20                   
12/6 Carrot Vision Test 21 - 22
12/8 Probability  23



Date Assignment Page #
9/19 - Warm Ups 1 - 5
9/19 The Electromagnetic Spectrum InfoGraphic 6
9/21 Measuring Wavelength and Amplitude 7 - 8
9/23 Can It Reflect Light? 9
9/26 Testing for Ultraviolet Radiation 10
9/27 Mixing and Separating Colors 11
9/28 What Magnifies? Shapes 12
9/29 What Magnifies? Lenses 13
9/30 Natural Cycles, Cyclic Behavior of Animals 14
10/3 Comparing Light Waves, Light Waves and Circadian Rhythms 15
10/4 Cow Eye Dissection


10/5 Blue Light and Sleep                                                  17     
10/6 EM Spectrum, Light and Color Review 18



Date Assignment Page #
8/19 Warm Ups 1 - 5 
8/19 Examining Scientific Work 6
8/22 Mars Probe Measurement 7
8/24 It's The Last Straw & Definitely The Last Straw 8 - 9
8/30 Classify Your Classmates 10
9/1 Classification Poster 11 - 12
9/7  Inferring Diet 13
9/9 Current Event #1 14
9/12 Current Event Forum                                         15       
9/13 Who Killed Mr. Schoeman? 16