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8th Grade promotion (graduation)

2018 Promotion

A.P. Giannini’s promotion ceremony is scheduled for:


Monday, June 4, 2018

1:00 p.m.

Abraham Lincoln High School’s auditorium.


Promotion Notes

  • Length: The ceremony should take approximately two hours.
  • Tickets: The family of each student being promoted will receive two (2) admission tickets to the promotion. There will be a waiting line for additional guests but we encourage families to try to keep additional guests to a minimum as space in Lincoln's auditorium is tight. Tickets will be distributed to students 1 week prior to the promotion ceremony. 
  • Auditorium Rules: Lincoln prohibits balloons, flowers and noise makers from being brought into the auditorium. All such items will be need to left in the auditorium lobby.
  • Attendance:
    • On the day of promotion, 8th grade students are not to come to A.P. Giannini. Students will meet Giannini staff at 12:15 pm at Lincoln before the ceremony.
    • All 8th grade students are invited to participate in promotion unless they have been advised otherwise by Giannini’s Dean, 8th grade counselor or Principals due to grades, attendance and/or behavior.

Dress Code

There are no caps, gowns or prescribed uniforms in A.P. Giannini’s promotion ceremony. As promotion is a school event, 8th grade students will be expected to dress in school appropriate clothing for the ceremony. As defined in SFUSD’s Student and Family Handbook (page 52):

  • Torso covered: no garments where the torso is exposed, such as tube tops, half shirts, halters.
  • Thigh covered: no garments where the entire thigh is exposed, such as micro minis or short shorts. 
  • No overly casual: no bathing suits, cut-offs or sagging pants where undergarment is exposed. 
  • No clothing, buttons or carrying items that are obscene, sexual, gang-related, or tobacco/alcohol/controlled substance related

8th Grade Counseler

Allyson Lau: