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Attendance Information

If you are tardy: Please report to the Counseling Office upon your arrival.

If you are late or absent due to illness or a medical appointment: When you return to school, please bring a note from your parent/guardian or doctor to the Counseling Office so your tardiness/absence can be excused. Place it in the box on Ms. Franklin’s desk. The note must include the following:

1) Your name, grade, and homeroom

2) Dates and reason you were absent

3) Parent/guardian signature and phone number

Parents: You may call Ms. Franklin if your child is absent: (415) 759-2773. However, only written documentation will excuse absences/tardiness.

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Counseling Department

Our School Counseling Team

Our counselors cycle through with our students until they promote to high school.


Mr. JangClass of 2019 Counselor: Mr. Joaquin Jang

BA: The George Washington University
MA: University of San Francisco, Counseling Psychology
Hometown: Bodega, CA


Ms. Carnes
Class of 2020 Counselor: Ms. Elena Carnes

BA: San Francisco State University
MA: University of San Francisco, Counseling Psychology
Hometown: Oakland, CA


Ms. Lau

Class of 2021 Counselor: Mrs. Allyson Lau

BA: S.F. State University, Child & Adolescent Development - Youth & Family Services
MA: University of San Francisco, Counseling Psychology
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
2021 Google Classroom Code: fk09qe0

Mr. Backstrom
Dean: Mr. Jonah Backstrom

BS: University of Massachusetts 
MS: San Francisco State University, Counseling 
Hometown: Boston, MA


2018-2019 Counseling Interns

Vivian Wong supervised by Mrs. Lau
Mimi Tom supervised by Mr. Jang
Elijio Arreguin supervised by Ms. Carnes 

The Role of the School Counselor

The counselor works in collaboration with school staff, administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to be an advocate for students in order to maximize student potential and academic achievement, so that students may be healthy and productive members of society. The school counselor assumes a leadership role in the development of an appropriate program of guidance for the school site.

Services Offered

  • Collaboration and consultation with students, teachers, families, and other providers to identify strategies to help student(s) in areas of academics, behavior, and social-emotional well-being.
  • Serves as a resource in the area of student intervention using researched and evidence-based practices.
  • Provides personal counseling on 1:1 basis
  • Collaborate with Restorative Practices team for peer conflict
  • Provides targeted small group counseling 
  • Provides crisis support with school team
  • Promote high school, college & career readiness 
  • Assists students in scheduling matters

Counseling Office Hours

8:10 am - 11:30 am

12:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Please go to Main Office for help if Counseling is closed

Counseling Office: 415.759.2773

Attendance/Counseling Secretary:

Shanay Franklin x3130

(If you are having trouble getting in touch with our Counseling Secretary, please contact the Main Office at x2770)

Dean: Jonah Backstrom x3137

Joaquin Jang: x3127

Elena Carnes: x3331

Allyson Lau: x3131



How do I see my counselor?

Find us during lunch or passing period, get a pass from your teacher first, set an appointment, or email us!

Counseling Locker
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3/14/16 2:35 PM
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