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Our Tax ID # is: 94-3104531


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Questions/suggestions regarding the Jaguar Fund:

Please contact us at

Jaguar Fund



Show your school spirit by giving to the Jaguar Fund

the ONLY school fundraiser at A.P. Giannini

that supports all aspects of the school. 

The PTSA created the Jaguar Fund to bridge the gap between funding from the district
and the needs of our children's middle school. 


What do your Jag Fund donations support?

For example:

  • $4,000 for classroom libraries 
  • $6,000 for PE Uniforms for all new students 
  • $7,000 for professional development 
  • $7,500 for teacher grants
  • $15,800 for classroom supplies (up to $200/teacher reimbursement)
  • $26,000 for our outdoor science instruction + $2,000 supplies

... plus much more! 

We work in close partnership with Principal Schoeman to align and direct our funding to support the school's mission, teachers, and programs.

  • To make your donation online (it is so easy!) use the "Donate Online" button on the left.

  • Want your gift to have a sustained impact throughout the year? Use the "Monthly Giving Options" drop-down menu on the left.

  • Did you know you can also donate while on Facebook? Go to our Facebook page and look for the blue "Donate" button below the cover photo. 

Company Matching Funds

Does your employer match your charitable donations to non-profits? If so, you may be able to double or even triple your donation to the Jaguar Fund! Please check with your employer for their requirements.