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Contact Joaquin Jang  Joaquin Jang (415) 759-2773 ex: 3127 7th Grade Counselor


2017-2018 APG Yearbook on sale

In person yearbook sales over.

All yearbook purchases should now be made online at Email Mr. Jang ( for the passcode.


There maybe a few extra yearbooks shipped to school. If you would like to be put on a waitlist to purchase one, please email Mr. Jang.

2 Free Personalized Pages

Anyone who purchases a yearbook has the option of creating 2 FREE personalized pages that will be printed in their yearbook only!

Create your own layout. Insert your own photos. Add your own words. Personalize your yearbook with your favorite memories!
*Note: All personalized pages will be reviewed for content. Pages with inappropriate images/text/content will NOT be printed.

Even if you purchase your yearbook today, you can continue to edit your personalized pages until late March!

FAQs about Yearbook

1. If I buy my yearbook in person, can I still create my 2 FREE personalized pages? YES! You can still create an account and personalize your pages. Mr. Jang will update your account to show that you have paid for the yearbook (may take 1-2 weeks).

2. I purchased my yearbook in person but my online account is still not marked as paid. What do I do? Let Mr. Jang know (email or in person).

3. What if I do not want to create my personalized pages? Instead of the 2 personalized pages, you will receive 2 pages that the Yearbook Staff designs (usually autograph pages).

4. Do I have to be done designing my 2 FREE personalized pages before I buy my yearbook? NO! You can continue to design your 2 pages even after you pay for your yearbook. The deadline to finish designing your pages is in April (date to be announced at a later time).

5. Where do I get my receipt? Do I need it to pick up my yearbook? You can pick up your receipt from Mr. Jang in the Counseling Office. You do not need your receipt to pick up your yearbook.

Contact Joaquin Jang  Joaquin Jang (415) 759-2773 ex: 3127 7th Grade Counselor