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Ancient India







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WebQuest for Ancient India

The British Museum

Locate this source, and begin by clicking on Indus Valley.

1. Read introductory Paragraph. What animal is on the seal that is shown?________________________________________________________________________________________

2. Click on story…Read…answer following questions:

A. What was the boy’s toy cart filled with?__________________________________________________________________________________________


B. Where was the boy going with his father?_________________________________________________________________________________________


C. What were the beads originally made from?____________________________________________


D. What was special about the bracelet of the boy’s mother?_______________________________________________________________________________________


E. What does the boy mention that he sees running alongside the road? _________________________________________________________________________________________________


F. Go to About the Story. Is this story true or false?_______________________________________

3. Click on the word “Explore” (to the left of the screen)

A. Go to Archaeologist’s Notebook

B. Choose four objects from the notebook, give the name of the object, it’s excavation number, a brief description of the object and any other information you find interesting (at least one thing).





Travel back to HOME.  You should be on the home page of this site. Your next stop is TIME.

Click on Time and go to the story. Watch and read the story as it progresses. Answer the following questions, and don’t worry if you miss it the first time, it will continue it’s cycle just as time continues over, and over, and over, and over, and over…

1. Which god is this story about? ___________________________________________________________

2. What does he create? List them. _________________________________________________________






3. How does the god destroy the earth? ___________________________________________________

4. What does Natataja hold? How does he use it?


After answering these questions, go to the Challenge!  Read each person’s job description (hint: you may want to take a few notes about each). Read and follow the activity, then begin by clicking on an object. Use the information the experts provide for you to properly place each item on the timeline.  You may complete both challenges. Write your results down.

Successfully completed Challenge _______________________

Unsuccessfully completed Challenge ____________________

Travel back to the Homepage and go to Geography.  Read this main Geography page, then continue with the story.

Answer the questions about the story:

1. Who is the villain of the story and what is he?


2. What does the villain do that causes problems for the people?________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What is the name of the god that saves the cloud-cattle, and

in doing so saves mankind? ____________________________

Move on to Explore

Find the natural resources map, list five of the nine natural resources found in the Indus River Valley Civilization area.






Go to Challenge, read the introductory paragraph.  “The Pilgrim’s Journey” You will be completing this journey successfully , if and only if, you are able to follow

and interpret the directions correctly. Good Luck!

Review each land feature description.

To begin, click on the white arrow in the box and read the inscriptions. These will give you your instructions.

Did you succeed? ________________________________

If your first attempt was unsuccessful, try again. If you succeeded, you may join the festival!

Once you have completed the activities on this resource and answered all questions, move on to your next assignment!

India’s Clothing

Answer each of the following questions about the ancient Indian clothing.

1. What was most of the cloth made from? ________________________________________________


2. Some wealthy women wore clothing made from what type of cloth? _________________________________________________________________________________________________

 3. What was the name of the men’s garment?_____________________________________________

 4. What was the name of the women’s garment?__________________________________________

5. Did the people in this ancient culture wear any jewelry? What types of jewelry are listed?


India’s Food

Answer the following question about the ancient Indian food.

1. List five common food sources in ancient Harappa.






You have made it through most of your journey and have one last leg to complete.

Travel to Indian deities , your final destination!

1. Describe Lord Brahma, give the number of heads, hands, what he is holding, his vehicle, include as many details as you can find.

2. Choose two other gods you find interesting and write their descriptions on the lines provided.