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Ancient Israelites


Goal: To discover how Judaism was preserved even after the Hebrews lost their homeland.

Task 1:  Please visit: and answer the following questions.

  1. What does it mean that Judaism is a monotheistic religion?
  2. Who was the founder of Judaism? 
  3. What is a Jewish place of worship called?
  4. What is the person called who leads a Jewish service?  
  5. What are the Ten Commandments?


Task 2: The Torah Tells…

Please visit: and answer the following questions.

  1. What are some of the foods that the ancient Hebrews ate?  
  2. What kind of animals did the Hebrews have? How were they used?  
  3. What kind of cloth did the Hebrews have?  
  4. Did the ancient Hebrews own slaves? How do you know?  
  5. The ancient Hebrews prayed to God by making sacrifices or offerings. What is a sacrifice?  
  6. What did they offer?  
  7. Which tools or weapons are mentioned?  
  8. What is one way that ancient Hebrews gave Tzedakah? (Helping the poor)
  9. What did the Hebrews live in?
  10. What uses did olive oil have?


Task 3:  Explain the Jewish faith's evolution after Moses and King David

Please visit: and answer the following questions.

  1. The day of the week the Sabbath for followers of Judaism is:
  2. The symbol of Judaism is called a:
  3. The country of origin for Judaism is called: 
  4. Give four traits of the Jewish messiah:
  5. What language do most Jews around the world pray? 
  6. If your father is Jewish and you believe in everything about Judaism, are you considered Jewish?  Why or why not?




When you are done with the webquest, please sketch a drawing or symbol that represents the Jewish faith.