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Ancient Rome




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Ancient Rome Web-quest

Use the provided links to answer the following questions


Ancient Roman Life

  1. What were the religious beliefs of the Ancient Romans before Christianity?  List some of their gods and some of their rituals.

      2.) What natural disaster caused a roman village to be “frozen in time.”  How did this benefit  archaeologists? Explain.

Roman Entertainment

3.) How large was the Coliseum, and how many entrances does it have?

  1. How many consecutive days could Romans spend watching gladiatorial events?


Children and Education


  1. Did Romans go to school?  Explain.

Roman Achievements


  1. Describe three different “legacies” of the Roman Empire:


Use another website of your choice to answer the following question:


7.) What is the Pax Romana and who served during this time?  Write three facts about one of these emperors:


Rome Reborn 2.2