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For more information, please contact:

Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center


Fin Bradley

Afterschool Program Coordinator for AP Giannini Middle School

Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center

Accepting new participants for spring!

How do I sign up?

Ask your homeroom teacher for an application and return the bottom of the form to your homeroom teacher by December 11th. We'll distribute intake forms to students who were accepted on December 16th. If you were not accepted, you will go on a wait list until spots open up.

Attendance Policy:

Preference is given to families that can use more of the hours/services we offer. All Beacon kids are expected to sign in and out every day (even if going straight home afterschool). Early release and late arrival are no problem with a code as explanation. 

APG Beacon Afterschool FAQs

What if my child has a doctors appointment? Can he/she leave early?

Yes. It would be best if your child knows about the appointment ahead of time so that they may sign themselves out. 

What if I have a scheduled monthly appointment for my child?

You may fill out an Early Release form to remind your child to sign him/herself out early. 

My child is in Band and will miss a lot of the Project Based Learning; can they still be in the program?

Yes. We trust that other programs such as sports and music offerings are safe and developing skills similar to those we hone in Project Based Learning. We will work to accommodate. 

How many hours are required for my child to stay in the program?

Your child will easily make the required number of hours by the school district to count for our program, we just want him/her to be able to take advantage of the balance our program offers between Project Based Learning to Homework Club.

Can my child only do homework in Beacon?

No. Our program is centered around the science of Youth Development via Project Based Learning, with an emphasis on the whole child. We recognize that 21st Century skills are going to be necessary to your children's success as they endeavor to build educational and professional careers. 

What are 21st Century skills?

Learning to collaborate with others and connect through technology are essential skills in a knowledge-based economy. For more information refer to: ATC21S started with a group of more than 250 researchers across 60 institutions worldwide who categorized 21st-century skills internationally info four broad categories: ways of thinking, ways of working, tools for working and skills for living in the world. 

Is the Beacon program flexible with varying student schedules?

Yes and no. Innovation is an SNBC core value so we're open to change, but we need to be consistent and set standards. 

What happens in Beacon?

We want our kids to 1) have awesome clubs to choose from that would hone 21st century skills and 2) have homework support. Our seven Project Based Learning Clubs are listed below. 

Here's the Monday - Thursday schedule:

3:25 Sign in w/ instructors (15 mins)

3:40 Snack (20 mins)

   Recess: cafeteria, patio, yard

4:00 Projects and Homework (60 mins) 

   7/8th grade Project Club

   6th grade Homework Club

5:00 Break & Switch (10 mins)

5:10 Projects and Homework (60 mins)

   7/8th grade Homework Club

   6th grade Project Club

6:15 (no earlier w/o code) Sign out & look for parents (15 mins)

On Flex Fridays youth choose from an array of fun activities (which all end around 5:30)