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Links for Teachers

English/Language Arts (ELA)

Links for Students

SRI (Scholastic Reading Inventory) Student LoginStudents will take the Scholastic Reading Inventory Assessment in their Language Arts classes.

Teacher Ease logo

Teacher EaseThis is where your grade for Language Arts will be- your Language Arts teacher will have your password and username.


Google Drive logo

Google DriveUse Google Drive to write in a word processor, save your files, or make presentations. Log in by using your school loop username . Use your school loop password.


book wizard logo

Book WizardThis website can help you find the guided reading level of a book. Choose "Guided Reading" before you search!


book wizard app

Book Wizard appThis app can scan books and tell you the guided reading level.


CAASP Online Practice and Training Tests PortalThese tests are meant to familiarize students with the Smarter Balanced test.

Links for Parents


ELA Teachers

Ms. Booth:

Ms. Castro:

Ms. Chiu:

Ms. Flores:

"Ms. Friebs" 
Ms. Friebertshauser:

Ms. Jenson:

Ms. Jung:

Ms. Lewis:

Ms. Sabatini:

Ms. Smith:

Ms. Vendrolini:

Ms. Yellen: