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Human Body

Systems of the Human Body

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  •  An article on the anatomy of the human heart  (
  • The Human Body - Kids health, Page address some of the major systems of the human body in a simple and interesting way (
  • Nature's Best The Human Body - Looks at all the main systems of the human body in great detail. (
  • Health Windows Jr. - A interesting and factual page directed towards chidlren in it information. not only covering the human body and also health issues that chidlren need address. (
  • The Inner Body ( Welcome to Human Anatomy On-line, the place for fun, interactive and educational views of the human body. This java-based program contains over one hundred illustrations of the human body with animations and thousands of descriptive links.
  • Human Anatomy (
  • Neuroscience for kids (
  • Electronic Text Book - Page specifically looks at the skeletal system of the human body. (
  • Human Body ( Resources from Jerrie S. Cheek, Educational Technology Center - KSU, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Last updated January, 2003.
  • Human Body search from KidsClick (
  • Web-and-Flow Hunt for Anatomy Knowledge - Page shows interesting questions about the body that can be answered through other links on the page. (
  • Interactive Pages on the Human Body
    • Scholastic's - The Magic School Bus  ( Interactive web page that uses the magic school bus to look inside and explore the workings of the Human Body.
    • A Look Inside the Human Body - A detailed look inside each system of the human body with simple but detailed informations and pictures. (
  • Quizes and Games on the Human Body
    • Human Body Quiz Game - A multiple chioce game on the human body. (
    • Scholastic's - The Magic School Bus Quiz Game - Interactive multiple choice quiz game about the information given in the Magic School Bus webstite, books, CD-ROM and video's. (
    • A Look Inside The Human Body Quiz's - Quiz games on each of the major systems of the human body that can be taken after viewing the web page. (