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  • Schools-- Learning Resources from BBC ( Search by grade level and subject.
  • Wired Learning ( Wired Learning refers to the online curriculum, WebQuests, and other materials that the KNE Application Design Team develops as part of the SBC Knowledge Network Explorer. Our mission is to support teachers and librarians achieve meaningful, technology-infused learning environments. To best understand the classification system below, you can read a brief definition of formats. You can even use our free tool, Filamentality, to build some of these formats yourself!
  • Franklin Institute Online ( Three sections:
    • Learn ( The Wright Brothers; The Human Brain - Research and Rewards, archived webcast; Community Science Action Guides; The Heart (online exhibit); Ben Franklin (online exhibit); Keystone Science Network (web-based support for K-8 teachers using inquiry science kits); Coin Flipping Activity (Special Event for January 17, 2006); Franklin/Drexel Lifelong Learning courses
    • Visit ( Plan a visit including traveling shows, Special Events -- TITANIC: THE ARTIFACT EXHIBITION starts July 10, Exhibit Hall (links to many exhibits including The Franklin Air Show), IMAX Films (Bugs! and Mysteries of Egypt with Educational Materials in a pdf file), Fels Planetarium with show descriptions and links to internet resources on Astronomy, School Field Trip Planner.
    • Explore ( Wright Brothers link (repeat), Weather Center (5-day weather forecast and live weather data, Exhibit Hall (links to many exhibits)(repeat), Collection -- Inquiry Attic (The Franklin Institute Science Museum has in storage a century's worth of scientific instruments. "inQuiry Attic" offers an online exploration of some particularly interesting objects.), Daily Science: Brain Drops - Expand your knowledge of the science around you with a daily Braindrop. Link to previous "braindrops", Live Earth Cam (EarthCam brings you live views from the City of Brotherly Love. Located at The Franklin Institute, America's first hands-on science museum, this camera offers views of Philadelphia's Museum District including the impressive Museum of Art, Schuylkill, Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral and Eakins Oval. Philadelphia is the second largest city on the East Coast and ranks fifth in the nation. Link other MetroCams and a search box to find more cams.), BEN FRANKLIN 300 with links.  ALSO:  Legacy (Institute History and Mission, Journal of The Franklin Institute, Benjamin Franklin National Memorial), Online Learning Resources (The 2003 Flight Forecast online program challenged K-12 students to predict the weather conditions for flight at the Centennial of Flight celebration at the Wright Brothers National Memorial in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina on December 17, 2003. The results are in. Check out the most accurate forecasts!  AND "Pieces of Science" is an online gallery of sixteen educational resources related to a collection of historical science objects. Online Museum Educators in the United States and United Kingdom created the pieces, which have been mapped against the U.S. National Science Education Standards.), The Franklin Institute Lecture Series - 2004 Explorations, OTHER Collections -- Journey In Time, Time Keepers, Things to Do, and SEARCH the site.


  • Mathematics Resources from Kathy Schrock (
  • The World's Favorite Currency Site (  We at have a simple mission: to facilitate global commerce. Since 1993, we have grown to become the world's most popular currency site by developing the powerful and efficient currency services that the new global economy demands. In 2002, we launched XEtrade, our discount on-line foreign exchange payment system.
  • TEACHER OZ'S KINGDOM OF HISTORY ( Click on table of contents for an extensive list of resources that are up to date.  Scroll to "Other Subjects".
  • Math Forum @ Drexel University ( Sections for teachers, students, research, and parents & citizens.
    • Ask Dr. Math (  Browse the archive by FAQ, formulas, selected answers, elementary school, middle school, high school, college and beyond.  Search the archive with your own query.  Last one is "Can't find the answer?", then write to Dr. Math.  If your question is about how to teach math, try our Teacher2Teacher service ( Teachers, see also Drexel University's Online Courses for math education (
  • Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies ( "Math Goodies is a free math help site featuring interactive lessons, homework help, worksheets and forums! We have over 400 pages of activities for students, teachers and parents. Our award-winning site has been reviewed on television, radio, and in major newspapers including The Washington Times.
  • Join our growing community and subscribe to our free newsletter! We'll keep you informed of the latest math news and site updates while respecting your privacy."  Individual page for parents, teachers, students.  Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies, Inc. was founded in order to share her creative teaching ideas with the growing online education community.

  • Professor Freedman's Math Help (http// This site provides information about basic math, algebra, study skills, math anxiety and learning styles and specifically addresses the needs of the community college adult learner. A student who is frustratedby college math can be helped by identifying his individual learning style and recognizing the instructor'steaching style. This site provides links for students and teachers to information about learning styles,
  • study skills tips, and ways to reduce math anxiety and gives the students access to tutorials, algebra assignments, math videos, and a forum for discussing with the professor a variety of math topics.  THERE IS ALSO INFORMATION ON "MATH FUNDAMENTALS" (whole number addion, subtraction, multiplication, division; fraction operations, factoring, ratios, etc) and "ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA" with student tutorials and homework assignments.

  • World of Math Online ( Subjects-- · Basic Math, Everyday Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Calculus, Advanced Topics, and Others.  Also "Hot Topics"-- Fractions, Decimals, Integers,  Exponents, Inequalities, Percents, Square Roots.  Tabs for homework help, practice, ask an expert, calculator and tools, games, & store.  Sections for parents, teacher, glossary, about us, & join us.
  • Economics/money management  ( What is FleetKidsSM about? It's about encouraging learning through inquiry and getting kids started out on the path to money smarts. It's also about showing kids that money smarts isn't just earning, earning, earning until you're blue in the wallet. Money smarts means working hard, saving,
  • and investing. And giving something back to the people who helped you out when you needed it and to people who can reach out and help others.  Each time your students learn about financial concepts, they'll be earning points which your school can redeem for technology-based rewards.  In the FleetKidsSM program, each child investigates an array of mathematic, financial, and social concepts, including: Setting goals, Saving and budgeting, Balancing "needs" and "wants", Learning to work with teams developing solutions.

  • CPM Math ( program with homework help and parent guides for the currently adopted math textbook in SFUSD.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics ( Reoources, lessons and activities for elementary, middle, and high school teachers and students.  Materials for families also.  Vast array of resources and materials.
  • Illuminations ( The NCTM Illuminations Web site is designed to illuminate the new vision for school mathematics presented in NCTM's Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.  Internet resources to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students.  Illuminations is a partnership between the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the MarcoPolo Education Foundation.  The site can be viewed by grade band or by type of content.
  • MazeWorks ( Java games and puzzles.  All applets on this site were written in Java 1.0.2. You will need a Java-enabled browser in order to run them. Sections: Home with games & puzzles, Books, Downloads, Email, and Links which include Educational sites; Games, Puzzles and Mathematics; Chess; Mazes and Labyrinths.
  • April is Math Month-- This is a neat math trick to do in honor of math month:

  • 1. Grab a calculator. (you won't be able to do this one in your head)
    2. Key in the first three digits of your phone number (NOT the area code)
    3. Multiply by 80
    4. Add 1
    5. Multiply by 250
    6. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number
    7. Add the last 4 digits of your phone number again
    8. Subtract 250
    9. Divide number by 2
    Do you recognize the answer?
  • SITES FROM CATHY NOVAK ( This long list of resources has links to resources on-- Money, Economics, Math, Projects.


  • National Digital Science Library (  Mission --  The National Science Digital Library (NSDL) was created by the National Science Foundation to provide organized access to high quality resources and tools that support innovations in teaching and learning at all levels of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education.  As a national network of learning environments, resources, and partnerships, NSDL seeks to serve a vital role as STEM educational cyberlearning for the nation, meeting the informational and technological needs of educators and learners at all levels.
  • Science News for Kids (  Science News for Kids is a web site devoted to science news for children of ages 9 to 14.  Our goal is to offer timely items of interest to kids, accompanied by suggestions for hands-on activities, books, articles, Web resources, and other useful materials.  Our emphasis is on making the Web site appealing by offering kids opportunities to comment on and grade the subject matter, get ideas for science projects, and try out mathematical puzzles. At the same time, we offer teachers creative ways of using science news in their classrooms.
  • Smithsonian Wild ( Studying animal habitats? This looks like an exciting resource. 
  • Science Spot ( Sponsored by Amazon.  A resource for junior high teachers and students.
    • Kids Zone (  Topics to research, such as, General Science, Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics,  Life and Earth science, Forensic science, Games and Puzzles, etc
      • Chemistry sites --  Periodic Table Sites (  Also includes chemistry puzzles and games.
  • Forces of Nature (  Excellent information on volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes from the authories at National Geographic.
  • Tsunami in the Indian Ocean on December 26, 2004 (
  • Everyday Mysteries: Fun Science Facts From the Library of Congress ( Everyday Mysteries will help you get the answers to these and many other of life's most interesting questions through scientific inquiry. In addition, we will introduce you to the Library of Congress' rich collections in science and technology.  All of the questions presented on this Web site were asked by researchers and answered by librarians from the Library's Science Reference Services.
  • Energy Quest from the California Energy Commission (  Students click on objects in the room to find out about transportation, homework help, library, science projects, etc.  Parents and teachers click on the apple.
  • Chabot Space and Science Center ( Telescope viewing and weather, calendar of events,  sky calendar, Ask Jeeves planetarium, Tien Megadome Theater, youth/school programs, teacher programs, and EXHIBITS -- Dragon Skies Astronomy of Imperial China.
  • Bay Area Discovery Museum ( This nationally recognized museum is located north of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It is a one-of-a kind indoor/outdoor children's museum has a full range of programs for children, school groups, and educators.
  • TEACHER OZ'S KINGDOM OF HISTORY ( Click on table of contents for an extensive list of resources that are up to date.  Scroll to "Other Subjects".
  • Musee Mecanique --  The Mechanical Museum of San Francisco ( Welcome to the Musee Mecanique, one of the world’s largest privately owned collections of mechanically operated musical instruments and antique arcade machines. We will take you on a journey from turn of the century hand cranked music boxes to modern video arcade games. This is a trip down memory lane. It is a chance to show your children or grandchildren what you did for fun when you were their age. Before video games at home, perhaps before television, perhaps what you remember sitting in your grandparent’s parlor.  For those of you who grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is a chance to remember Playland at the Beach, Sutro Baths and the Cliff House. There is our own “Laffing Sal”, “Susie the Can-Can Dancer” and the fascinating “Carnival.” Other things have been brought in from around the world for your amusement. For years the collection was housed in the lower level of the Cliff House. Due to renovation in 2002 the collection moved to its new location at Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf. 
  • Cool Science for Curious Kids (  Howard Hughes Medical Institute. A philanthropy serving society through biomedical research and science education.
  • How Stuff Works (  How everything works or functions with capability for searching.
  • National Geographic (
    • Creature Feature Archive ( from National Geographic kids. Get to know some of the most interesting and unusual members of the wild world—from cheetahs to crocodiles and whales to warthogs.  Dive in for photos, video, audio, postcards, fun facts, and more!
    • Four-Winged Dinosaurs Found in China, Experts Announce, January 23, 2003 (
    • National Geographic ( Website of the National Geographic Society.  Site index (Adventure and Exploration, Animals and Nature, History and Culture, Kids, Maps and Geography, News, Photography,

    • Travel, Full Site Index, Search, International Sites, About Us, Customer Service), magazines, on television, store, and get involved-- National Geographic in Action (Geography Bee, Events and Exhibits, Meet our Explorers, See What We Support, Travel with our Experts).
      • Teachers and Stydents
        • Educators Home Page ( Sections include Online Adventures; Maps & Geography; Lesson Plans; Teacher Community; Teacher Store.
        • Homework Help ( Sections include Animals, History/Culture, Maps/Geography.  Also "One Stop Research", encyclopedia, extras, search, links to other national geographic resources.
  • Microbe Zoo ( Digital learning center for microbial ecology.  The major attractions of this Microbe Zoo include: DirtLand, Animal Pavilion, Snack Bar, Space Adventure, Water World.  The Microbe Zoo is part of the DLC-ME project which was developed by the Comm Tech Lab and the Center for Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University.
  • ( A resource provided by the National Wildlife Federation.  This site has field guides to 48,000 plants and animals, complete with photos, so you can try to identify trees, spiders and more.   You'll also find birding basics and audio files of bird calls.  Enter your zip code to find out what's crawling around your neighborhood.  Cool outdoor activities.
  • Try Science from New York Hall of Science ( Sections to surf: Curious?, Field Trips, Adventures, and Experiment!  There is also a site map along with a page for parents and one for teachers. The "live cam" gives access to 5 different live cams and a further list of  8 more along with 8 science centers.  The search box allows "all site, just tryscience or just science center" searches.
      • IBM ( ): the corporate partner, provides technology and expertise in website design, hosting and connectivity, Web server utilization, content management, and consulting. Several IBM units have been involved in the project, including IBM e-business Services, IBM Corporate Internet Programs, IBM Global Services, and Lotus. Corporate Community Relations is responsible for the management of the project within IBM.
      • ASTC ( The Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) is a link to more than 400 hands-on science centers and museums worldwide, and oversees the Science Center Guide.
      • New York Hall of Science ( The TryScience project team at the New York Hall of Science provides project management, content and collaboration management, technical and graphics management, and writing, editing, and research management.
  • Zoos(
  • Standards  (
  • SITES FROM CATHY NOVAK ( This long list of resources has links to resources on-- Weather (Weather Elements and Research, Extreme Weather, Ask an Expert, Weather Maps and Forecasts, Weather Projects), Science, How To's, Projects.


  • Webmonkey ( an internet tutorial for students
  • SITES FROM CATHY NOVAK ( This long list of resources has links to resources on-- Girls and Tech, Safety and Acceptable Use, Web Page Design, Projects.



  • Nutrition Explorations ( Fun and easy way to teach and learn nutrition.  Sections for kids, teachers, parents, and school food service. The kids section has learning activities, games, recipes, contests, nutrition information, and fun links.  Sponsored by the National Dairy Council.