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Tips from APG alumni

Work Permit Info

You MUST BE 14 to apply for a work permit (exception for those in media and entertainment fields)

SFUSD: Student Work Permits

Applying to High School (SFUSD)

Ms. Lau's Google Classroom

This webpage will be updated periodically and is intended for families with brief reminders.


Students, please check your Google Classroom and Class drive for most updated info, presentations, and announcements about high school! Invitation codes to the Google classroom was provided via your S.SFUSD account. 


Link to Class of 2018 Google Drive

High School Application Info

How to Get a SFUSD Application

  • SFUSD General Application - a copy will be mailed to your address on file. If you do not receive one, pick one up from the Counseling Office. We also have other languages available. 
  • Lowell Application - Available in the counseling office or online
  • SOTA Application - Go to SotA's website to complete the online application.

Submit your SFUSD Application

  • SFUSD General Application - due January 12, 2018; submit in-person to Counseling Office at AP Giannini. This due date is only for students who are not applying to Lowell and SOTA.
  • SOTA Application - due December 13, 2017; submit in-person along with entire application packet, portfolio and audition materials to School of the Arts, 555 Portola Drive, SF, CA 94131. You have to do this in order to receive an audition date. You cannot mail it in and Ms. Lau cannot turn it in for you. Questions? Please contact SOTA directly.
  • Lowell Application - due December 15, 2017 with SFUSD General Application and 8th grade resume completed from ELA class; submit in-person to Counseling Office at AP Giannini. 

Application Reminders:

  • Do not place charter or private/independent schools on your SFUSD application!
  • Remember to list more than 5 choices and list in the order of your preferences.
  • No Lowell testing for SFUSD students who took the 7th grade SBAC.
  • No Recommendation Letters for Lowell.
  • Lowell Essay will be completed in January at APG during one class period. Lowell will not see your essays and essays are strictly confidential. Lowell essays are not graded.
  • Please do not mail your applications to EPC or Lowell.
  • Ms. Lau turns in applications on a weekly basis. If you already turned in your application, you need to do a different kind of form to make changes to the application you had submitted.

Admission Letters:

  • Round 1 Admission letters will be mailed to you March 16, 2018 and you will need to register ASAP by April with that school otherwise you will lose your spot. If you do not want that school choice, there will be a Round 2 application. You should still register for the first school.



Requesting Recommendation Letters

For SFUSD...You only need a letter of recommendation to apply to School of the Arts. 

You do not need a letter of recommendation to apply to any other SFUSD high schools. Lowell does not accept them.


Please do not ask for a recommendation letter if you do not need one or do not fully commit to applying to SOTA. Every year, teachers, counselors and principals complete hundreds of letters! 


Allow for 2-3 weeks in advance for completing any type of recommendation letters. Please respect your recommender's time.

Tour, Open House, & Shadowing… what's the difference?

You are excused from school for high school tours, open houses, and/or shadowing.

Make sure to bring a signed note (by parent or guardian) the day before or when you return to school so that we may excuse your absence. You are responsible for work that you miss so talk to your teachers before your shadow date.

Tour: Usually during school hours led by students. A walk through campus with possible visits to classrooms.

Open House: Usually after school hours in a contained area (library, auditorium, gym, etc.) with general information presented and often a question and answer portion.

Shadowing:  Attend high school for part of the day following a real life high school student!

A lot of information on high schools maybe found on the internet and it is a good look at schools' individual websites listed below.

Ruth Asawa School of the Arts (SOTA)

Balboa High School

Burton, Phillip and Sala High School (School's site)

Galileo High School (Galileo Web)

Independence High School

International Studies Academy

Jordan, June High School

Lincoln, Abraham High School

Lowell High School

Marshall, Thurgood High School (Thurgood Marshall site)

Mission High School

O'Connell, John High School

S.F. International High School

The Academy of Arts and Sciences - San Francisco

Wallenberg, Raoul High School

Washington, George High School

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