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About Our School


Founded in 1954, A. P. Giannini Middle School was named after Amadeo Pietro Giannini, the son of Italian immigrants and founder of Bank of America. AP Giannini may be best known locally for lending money and extending credit to individuals and small businesses in need of rebuilding their lives following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.


The Giannini Family Foundation has established a partnership with our school and generously supports us each year by funding daily planners, called binder reminders, for each of our 1200+ students. The Claire Giannini Foundation also supports us with a grant stipulating activities that make history relevant. This has resulted in historical essay contests and the study of tolerance and its presence in history. Over 100 students were awarded savings bonds last year for their essays.


At A. P. Giannini, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and positive school environment where the education and well being of every student is our top priority. Our committed educators are well versed in a variety of strategies and instructional practices to engage students and promote their success. We honor diversity, value differences, and respect one another. We encourage personal responsibility, good citizenship, and community involvement and service. Our students leave middle school with the knowledge and tools to prepare them for high school and beyond.

A.P. Giannini Vision Statement

A. P. Giannini shall advance the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of all of its students through a core curriculum of science, math, social science, English, visual and performing arts, and physical education. Our staff shall recognize the skill levels, learning styles, and cultural uniqueness of students and use technology, hands-on activities, and interdisciplinary instruction to enhance teaching and learning. The curriculum shall focus on developing both oral and written literacy and be personally meaningful to students.

Core Program

A. P. Giannini Middle School offers all its students a highly rigorous academic program with core courses in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science that work in conjunction with the Elective and Physical Education courses. The program is designed to provide all Giannini students with a comprehensive and enriched educational experience that advances the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development of all students.


6th Grade Program

Interdisciplinary Teams make a big school small for incoming 6th grade students who need time to make the transition into middle school. Students are scheduled into Math/Science and Language Arts/Social Studies "cores" alternating between two teachers. Students' learning is enhanced by various field trips.


7th and 8th Grade Program

The seventh and eighth grade programs focus on preparing students for the challenges of high school curriculum. Honors courses will no longer be offered starting with the 2014-2015 school year as we shift towards the Common Core curriculum. 

Elective Program and Unified Arts

The Unified Arts program develops competencies and creative skills in problem-solving, communication, management of time and resources that contribute to life-long learning and career skills. Unified Arts provide opportunities for students to grow as intellectual, creative and spiritual beings.

The music program at A. P. Giannini Middle School consists of 3-year, standards-based, sequential classes. The award-winning band, orchestra and choir participate in community performance activities and school concerts throughout the year. Students may choose from a variety of band or orchestra instruments. Extra-curricular activities include English hand bell choirs, Jazz band and other performing opportunites.

Drama is a exploratory class designed to introduce students to the world of acting and theatre arts. The objective of the class is to develop the mind, body and spirit so one can participate in the "magic" of live theater.

The visual arts program at A. P. Giannini Middle School offers content standards-based curriculum that begins with exploration in a 12-18 weeks rotation in the 6th grade. Primarily project-based, students explore a wide variety of arts materials, cultural styles and works of art through time. 7th and 8th graders partcipate in a year-long program to study, practive and create individual or group projects through community projects such as murals, annual student art exhibit and auction, SFYA Festival at the de Yound Museum, Pinwheels for Peace Project, etc. in the pursuit of improved complexity and technical skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculptures, ceramics and crafts. For those 8th graders applying for "art" focused high schools, particular attention is given to creating their portfolios.


Offered in 7th and 8th Grade:




Advanced Art

Drama Tech