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Study Skills and Organization

What's in your bag, Jag?

The Responsible Student

"Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible"

  • Use your Binder Reminder or a planner to keep track of your daily tasks and assignments. 
  • Remember to bring your books and materials to class! Backpack check the night before school!
  • Ask for help and get to know your teachers! Stop by at lunch or after school to ask questions. Talk to your counselor if you are having any issues with school!
  • Be on time for school and classes!
  • Keep your lockers clean!

Studying v.s. Homework

  • Understand the difference between Studying v.s. Homework - it is not the same!
  • Develop good study habits by:
    • Establishing a good study area with plenty of light and a comfortable chair
    • Going to your closest neighborhood library for quiet space
    • Limiting distractions – unnecessary internet usage, cell phone, TV and music
    • Looking over class notes, study guides, homework on a daily basis to review what you've learned. 

Binder Reminder

Students were given planners called Binder Reminders during the beginning of the year. You can write down homework assignments, test/quizzes, and keep track of important dates/activities! 


Here is an example of how to fill out your binder reminder from a wonderful 7th grader!


binder reminder


If you lose your binder reminder, it will cost you about $5 to replace. Please see Mrs. Luu in the Main Office.