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Student Support Locker
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APG Safety Net:

When something's up,
we all speak up! 

If you see or hear anything that affects the safety of students, families, and staff at APG, please let someone know!


Text: (415) 634-5221


or speak to a trusted adult.

Our community's safety is everyone's responsibility.

Weekly Schedule

Emilie Kim, LCSW, PPSC:  Monday - Friday; ext 221

Judy Zheng, RN, PHN: Monday - Friday; ext 3052

Liana Huang, School Social Work Intern: Wednesday & Friday; ext 3051

Thomas Mui, School Social Work Intern:  Thursday; ext 3051


Office: (415) 242- 2548

Text: (415) 634- 5221

A.P. Giannini Wellness Center, Room 221


IG:  apgwellness

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APG Wellness Center

May Wellness Center Newsletter

The Youth Outreach Workers (Kaylie Li, Rhea Iyer, Keira Nakamura, and Katherine Vo) wrote, directed, filmed, and edited an Anti-Vaping Public Service Announcement. They won a $300 gift card for winning the District contest under the LGBTQ category.


The APG Wellness Center is a safe space for our APG community.

We provide wellness checks for anyone feeling under the weather, provide first aid to those who are injured, and we are there to listen if you just need someone to talk with. 

During lunch we offer board games and a comfortable place to eat and hang out.

Come by and say hi! :)





You will need proof of a TDAP vaccination before you will be allowed to attend school!

  • TDAP protects you from Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis. Pertussis is whooping cough. It is very contagious and can be fatal to babies.
  • California Law requires you to have your TDAP Vaccination before 7th grade.

Check with your doctor to see if you have already received this vaccine. If not, ask your family to make an appointment NOW so that you can get it before school starts in the fall.

  • Please get your Tdap vaccination and submit proof to your counselor or Homeroom Teacher.
  • Students will not be allowed back to school in the Fall without proof of this vaccine. 
Team Wellness
Contact Emilie Kim  Emilie Kim Staff
Contact Judy Zheng  Judy Zheng School District Nurse

Emilie Kim, School Social Worker

Greetings from our APG Wellness Center! Whether you need a health check (not feeling well) or a heart check (having a tough day and need to talk with someone), we are here to help!  Our programs also support a positive school climate.  From the mentoring program, to monthly staff and student wellness events, school-wide activities, and counseling - we work with the student support team to help students, staff, and families.

Judy Zheng, School District Nurse

Students and staff can call me “Nurse Judy.” A little bit about me… I am a native of San Francisco (born and raised); I am a proud product of SFUSD schools (Daniel Webster ES, Marina MS, Lowell HS). My background is in biology (I have a degree from UC Davis). In my spare time, I love to explore scenic sites especially in the Bay Area. I also enjoy trying new places to eat (you can find me on Yelp looking at all the pictures of food).  I am here to serve the health needs of the students and staff. I will be more so dealing with case management and programmatic type of things. Please feel free to come by the Wellness Center or say hello to me in the hallways!

Wellness Center Agreements

Be safe, respectful, and responsible with your words and actions.

Please get permission from your teacher before visiting the Wellness Center:

  1. Pass or note from your teacher.
  2. Phone call from your teacher.
  3. Email or text from your teacher.
  4. Escorted by an adult.